MiniFighter™ - 100lb Stress Test!

Being the pioneer product in custom rod holders, our MiniFighter™ has many misconceptions. Does it hold up to "Big Catch"? Standing slim yet tall, we put our own product in the ring and recorded a stress-test demonstration on how strong it really is. Take a look for yourself to see what everybody's raving about!


What's your flavor?

If you haven't ordered your own MiniFighter™, here's your chance to own the world's best rod-holder. Our most popular colors are available for order right now. So what are you waiting for? Order your very own MiniFighter™ below!


Fred Hall Show 2011

Sam's Outdoorsman stunned consumers at the 2011 Fred Hall Show that took place inside the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. Check out our flagship product, the FishFighter™ being introduced for the first time in public along with our MiniFighters™.


About Sam's Outdoorsman

Sam's Outdoorsman?

Based out of Azusa, California, Sam's Outdoorsman L.L.C is a manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing premier, high-end fishing rod holders and accessories. Originally started with our popular bank fishing pole holders, we are in a constant process of developing newer, more innovative products each and every day.

The Key to our Success?

Is our passion for fishing! Aside from being professionals in a field of manufacturing, our entire staff has a passion for fishing, so we know firsthand what fishermans need. We have developed an extraordinary approach where new products are created based on the “fisherman wish list.” At the end, our products are born with outstanding quality.

Why pick our Products?

Our emphasis on quality, functionality, appearance and affordability are recognized by our customers. Our exclusive designs became very popular as our sales continue to rise and now you can get your very own MiniFighter™ & FishFighter™ and build long term relations with our company as we take major steps together with thousands of satisfied customers standing behind us to help write our story!

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